Birth of the Millennial Broker

As many people believe, nothing is constant in this world. Change has become one of the biggest factors in living life.

Having said that, Technology by far is the biggest change that happened. It plays a huge role in attaining the ever improving ways real estate brokers now do their business in contrast to brokers from 20 years back.

Completing transactions with several clients is a breeze with the internet, again, credits to TECHNOLOGY. There is little to no need for personal client meet ups whenever a document has to be signed. Clients and other parties involved can always E-Sign them. Talk about convenience, right? Goodbye to piles and piles of papers in your attache cases!

Video calling is another efficient way in dealing with customers. There’s Skype, Facetime, and Hangouts just to name a few. Talk to clients from far and different places at face value whenever you want or need to. Following up and building rapport will always be a piece of cake.

Marketing meant putting up posters, giving away leaflets, production of realtor magazines and other tangible media. Those are now equivalent to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Spending so much time, effort and resources on your marketing strategy is so 20 years ago. Again, with the use of internet, reach out to your market and promote you services with a flick of your fingers.

So those are only some of the improved ways of handling Real Estate transactions. Thanks to Change for bringing forth Technology, and Technology for giving birth to the millennial broker.